Holidaying in France

Step by Step advice to holidaying in France

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How to search and book the perfect french campsite

Step 1

What to take with you

Whether you are a regular visitor to France or travelling abroad for the first time you will find this check list an invaluable aid to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Step 2

Preparing for your stay

Preparation is the key to a relaxing and trouble free holiday. This list is designed to help you make sure you have not forgotten any essential details and to serve as a reminder for other items you may have to consider.

Step 3

Arriving and staying onsite

When you arrive at a campsite, go to the reception. Your pitch is reserved from mid-afternoon to mid-morning. Most camp offices close about 20:00, sometimes earlier in the low season, except for some of the sites near the ports. During the summer months, there is usually somebody in the site office who understands English.

Motoring in France

Driving on the right should present no difficulties. Obviously you drive anti-clockwise round a roundabout, and may find the front passenger useful when overtaking. Road signs are easy to understand conforming to international designs common in the UK....

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Most companies are now issuing Ticket on Departure. Keep reference number handy. You must arrive at the port about one hour prior to sailing. If you should miss your ferry, your ticket is usually valid for any sailing, but only subject to availability...

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Shopping in France

Even if you have difficulty communicating in French, shopping is no problem. There are many self-service stores and large hypermarkets on the outskirts of large towns...

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